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Cynthia Chassigneux

19 décembre 2011

Californie: 10 ans après

À l'occasion des 10 ans de l'Office of Privacy Protection de Californie un bilan est dressé. Ainsi, on peut lire que:
"10 big privacy challenges have emerged in our first decade: 
- Identity theft: From dumpster diving to credit card skimming and social network sniffing, identity theft (regrettably) endures. 
- Data breach: California was the first state to enact a law requiring organizations to notify consumers when their personal information has been compromised. 
- Financial privacy: Californians tell financial institutions: “Ask me first!” 
- Children's online safety: Answering a culture-wide call for safe 21st century childhoods.  
- Health information privacy: Medical records are going digital. Good news for doctors, pharmacies, labs, and patients – but also some new privacy concerns. 
- Cyber security: We depend on the Internet for business, pleasure, and convenience. But it is an open network, which means it is insecure. 
- REAL ID: The specter of a national identification card appeared in 2005 with the federal REAL ID Act.
- Abandoned records: When a company goes out of business, its records (with your personal information) can turn up in storage facilities, alongside highways, or in dumpsters. 
- Social networking: We share news and photos with our far flung friends and family on social networks. But some risky practices can expose us to identity theft and other privacy harms.
- Mobile privacy: More of us every day are going to the web while on the move. How safe are smartphones and public Wi-Fi?"
(Source: COPP, Ten Year Anniversary, Decembre 2011)

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