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Cynthia Chassigneux

23 décembre 2011

FTC: consultation sur la reconnaissance faciale

Le 8 décembre 2011, la Federal Trade Commission a organisé une rencontre sur la reconnaissance faciale (billet 1 et 2), elle invite aujourd'hui le public à présenter ses commentaires et ce jusqu'au 31 janvier 2012. 
"Facial detection and recognition technologies have been adopted in a variety of new contexts, ranging from online social networks to digital signs and mobile apps. Their increased use has raised a variety of privacy concerns. To further the Commission's understanding of the issues, the Federal Trade Commission staff seeks public comments on issues raised at the workshop, including but not limited to:
- What are the current and future commercial uses of these technologies?
- How can consumers benefit from the use of these technologies?
- What are the privacy and security concerns surrounding the adoption of these technologies, and how do they vary depending on how the technologies are implemented?
- Are there special considerations that should be given for the use of these technologies on or by populations that may be particularly vulnerable, such as children?
- What are best practices for providing consumers with notice and choice regarding the use of these technologies?
- Are there situations where notice and choice are not necessary? By contrast, are there contexts or places where these technologies should not be deployed, even with notice and choice?
- Is notice and choice the best framework for dealing with the privacy concerns surrounding these technologies, or would other solutions be a better fit? If so, what are they?
- What are best practices for developing and deploying these technologies in a way that protects consumer privacy?"
(Source: FTC, News, December 23, 2011)
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