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Cynthia Chassigneux

14 février 2012

Nouvelle-Zélande: Google et la vie privée

Sur le site du Privacy Commissioner de la Nouvelle-Zélande, on peut lire la déclaration suivante quant à la nouvelle politique de Google en matière de confidentialité. 
"Google's aim of making their privacy policies simpler and clearer is a move in the right direction. We have encouraged Google to go down that track and have said how important it is for privacy policies to be readily understandable and as clear as possible. If these changes do that, then that is a good thing for Google users.
Google's plans for increased linkages in user identity data across Google products and services to provide a seamless user experience do raise concerns and it means the ground is shifting for Google account holders.
Users need to be aware that Google's business model relies on being able to deliver targeted advertising and that user demographic data provides the raw fuel. That exists under the current model and is extended by the new plans.
Google account holders might want to look again at their privacy settings in tools like Google Dashboard and change those if they want more privacy. Some users may choose to create pseudonymous, separate, online profiles. I will continue to keep track of these changes and the impact that they may have on user privacy.
For people who don't have Google accounts (eg Google+, Reader, Gmail etc) there is probably little difference."
(Source: Privacy Commissioner, Media Statement)

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