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Cynthia Chassigneux

20 mai 2013

Google: le Congrès américain s'interroge sur les enjeux des Google Glass sur la vie privée

Alors que se termine la conférence annuelle Google I/O, huit membres du Congrès américain s'interrogent sur les enjeux des lunettes à réalité augmentée de l'entreprise (Google Glass) sur la vie privée. 

Le 16 mai 2013, ils ont envoyé une lettre à Larry Page, président de Google pour lui demander certaines précisions. La lettre se lit comme suit:  
"[...] As members of the Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus, we are curious whether this new technology could infringe on the privacy of the average American. Because Google Glass has not yet been released and we are uncertain of Google's plans to incorporate privacy protections int the device, there are still a number of unanswered questions that we share. Accordingly, we would appreciate the answers to the questions that follow: 
1. In 2010, it was discovered that Google was collecting information across the globe from unencrypted wireless networks. This pratice caused multiple investigations into the company along with consumers left perplexed. Google just recently agreed to pay $7 million to settle charges with 38 states for the collection of data from unprotected Wi-Fi networks without permission. Google also admitted that they did not adequately protect the privacy of consumers and "tightened up" their systems to address the issue. While we are thankful that Google acknowledged that there was an issue and took responsible measures to addrss it, we would like to know how Google plans to prevent Google Glass from unintentionally collecting data about the user/non-user without consent ?
2. What proactive steps is Google taking to protect the privacy of non-users when Google Glass is in use ? Are product lifecycle guidelines and frameworks, such as Privacy by Design, being implemented in connection with its product design and commercialization ?For example, if a Google Glass customer/user decides to resell or to dispose of their Google Glass product, would there be any product capabilities incorporated into the device to ensure that one's personal information remains private and secure ?
3. When using Google Glass, is it true that this product would be able to use Facial Recognition Technology to unveil personal information about whomever and even some inanimate objects that the user is viewing ? Would a user be able to request such information ? Can a non-user or human subject opt out of this collection of personal data ? If so, how ? If not, why not ?
4. In Google's privacy policy, it states that the company "may reject requests that are unreasonably repetitive, require disproportionate technical effort ... risk the privacy of others, or would be extremely impractical." Please provide examples of when Google would reject requests on Goggle Glass that would risk the privacy of others ? Would Google place limits on the technology and what type of information it can reveal about another person ? If so, please explain. If not, why not ?
5. Given Google Glass's sensory and processing capabilities, has Google considered making any additions or refinements to its privacy policy ?  If so, please explain. If not, why not ?
6. In Google's privacy policy, it states that the company "may collect device-specific information (such as your hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, and mobile network information including phone number)"
a. Would this information be collected from users operating Google Glass ? If so, what specific information is Google intending to collect ?
b. Would Google Glass collect any data about the user without the user's knowledge and consent ? If so, why ? If not, please explain.
7. It was recently revealed that the New York Times was the first to release an app for Google Glass. To what extent was privacy considered in approving this app ? Is Google planning to make privacy a priority for future app developers ? If not, why not ? If so, please explain. 
8. Will Google Glass have the capacity to store any data on the device itself ? If so, will Google Glass implement some sort of user authentication system to safeguard stored data ? If not, why not ? If so, please explain. [...]"
Le président de Google a jusqu'au 14 juin 2013 pour répondre aux questions. À suivre donc ...

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