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Cynthia Chassigneux

26 octobre 2011

Nouvelle-Zélande: sécurité et environnements électroniques

L'autorité de protection des renseignements personnels néo-zélandaise propose trois fiches-conseils pour demeurer en sécurité dans les environnements électroniques.

1- Dans la fiche "protect your computer", il est question de "security", "Wi-Fi tips", "passwords and browser options" et "computer disposal". 

2- Dans celle relative à "protect yourself online", il est rappelé que
"many people use the internet to communicate and socialise with their friends by posting messages, photos and other information. Maintaining your online privacy depends on your ability to control the amount of personal information that you provide and who has access to that information. Once information is posted on the internet it can be very hard, if not impossible, to completely remove." 
On y retrouve des conseils sur "social networking", "online shopping", "online trading", "Internet banking", "email", "public internet" et "browsing the Internet".

3- Et concernant les jeunes, la fiche "protect your children" insiste sur le fait que:
"Today's children are often more savvy about using the internet than their parents. The internet offers children the opportunity to connect with their friends, research and learn, and be entertained. But using the internet exposes children to many risks.
Children can be exposed to inappropriate content, subjected to cyber bullying and targeted by predators. Children may share personal information without thinking or knowing about the risks. Parents need to be aware of these risks and take an active role in monitoring and mentoring their children to help them stay safe online."
Dès lors, il est conseillé notamment de: "talk to your children - make it a partnership", "keep up with what sites your children are visiting and who they connect with online", "talk about the online risks, and guide children about safe and acceptable internet use", "learn about privacy settings and talk to your children about how to use them wisely", "never let a child meet an online friend offline unless a parent is with them", "warn children that people they chat with might not be who they think" ou encore "encourage your children to let you know if they feel bullied". 

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