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Cynthia Chassigneux

22 mai 2011

Californie: des amendements contestés

Plusieurs entreprises s'opposent à des amendements visant à encadrer la collecte, la communication et l'utilisation des renseignements personnels dans les environnements électroniques. Il en va ainsi, par exemple: 
  • du projet de la sénatrice Corbett qui entend ajouter une section relative à la vie privée à la Division 1 du California Code civil. En effet, on peut lire que ce projet
"[w]ould prohibit a social networking Internet Web site, as defined, from displaying in a designated text fiels, to the public or other registered users, the home address or telephone number of a registered user of that Internet Web site (...) without consent, as defined. The bill would require a social networking Internet Web site to establich a process fo a new users to set privacy settings as part of the registration process that explains privacy options in plain langage, and to make privacy settings available in an easy-to-use format. The bill would require a social networking Internet Web site to remove the personal identifying information, as defined, of any registered user, and would require removal of that information regarding a user under 18 years of age upon request by the user's parent within 48 hours upon his or her request. This bill would impose a civil penalty, not to exceed $10,000 for each willful and knowing violation of these provisions". (Source: SB 242, amendement Corbett)
"[w]ould, no later than July 1, 2012, require the Attorney General, in consultation with the Office of Privacy Protection, to adopt regulations that would require a covered entity, defined as a person or entity doing business in California that collects, uses, or stores online data containing covered information from a consumer in this state, to provide a consumer in California with a method to opt out of that collection, use, and storage of such information. The bill would specify that such information, includes, but is not limited to, the online activity of an individual and other personal information. The bill would subject these regulations to certain requirements, including, but not limited to, a requirement that a covered entity disclose to a consumer certain information relating to its collection, use, and storage information practices. The bill would, to the extent consistent with federal law, prohibit a covered entity from selling, sharing, or transferring a consumer’s covered information. The bill would make a covered entity that willfully fails to comply with the adopted regulations liable to a consumer in a civil action for damages, as specified, and would require such an action to be brought within a certain time period". (Source: SB 761, amendement Lowenthal)
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