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Cynthia Chassigneux

1 novembre 2011

Mexique: conférence internationale

Les 2 et 3 novembre 2011 se tiendra à Mexico la 33° conférence internationale des commissaires à la protection des données et de la vie privée. Lors de cette conférence, les commissaires "will explore the path towards building the relationships and tools necessary to protect the data of individuals regardless of culture, national borders, or the challenges that come from innovative data uses".

Cette perspective, comme indiqué sur la page d'accueil du site de la conférence, s'explique par le fait que 
"as data proliferates and moves through global networks at a speed once unimaginable, new businesses, technologies and applications use information in innovative ways that in turn create real economic value, however often challenging individual autonomy. In this era of data that knows no geographic boundaries, data protection agencies must work together linked by shared values and a common mission. Technologies such the internet and mobile telephony have global reach, so our aim are norms, standards, and methodologies that have similar coverage."
Seront ainsi abordés les thèmes suivants: 
  • Big data - the definer of new economic era 
  • Third party accountability agents as extenders of enforcement agencies
  • Global research, national laws and interoperability
  • Is it possible to be forgotten in a digital networked world ?
  • Balancing privacy and recovery in a natural disaster
  • Effectively using enforcement actions to gain broader market compliance
  • Data protection and defining personal information
  • Privacy protection agency expectations for comprehensive programs
  • Changing law in European Union and United States
  • Security risk in modern world
  • Privacy responsibility in cloud computing
  • Mobile societies; private lives - the implications for privacy of a mobile future
  • Privacy by design in the public sector
  • Global standards linked to global value
  • Data protection resource allocation in an age of big data and globalization
  • Data protection agency oversight of privacy at law enforcement agencies
  • The growing role of technologists at data protection authorities
  • Protecting children in a networked world
  • The mechanismes organizations use to identify and mitigate risk to individuals
Le programme de la conférence est disponible à l'adresse suivante: http://privacyconference2011.org/includes/Draft_Programme_English.pdf.

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