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Cynthia Chassigneux

7 février 2012

Europe: Google et la vie privée (2)

En réponse à la lettre envoyée le 2 février dernier (billet) par le Goupe de l'article 29, Google a répondu
"[...] Your letter has requested a pause while the Article 29 Working Party checks the possible consequences of the changes for ours users. Your letter states that this in the interests of ensuring that there can be no misunderstanding about Google's commitment to information rights of their users and EU citizens.
As you will know, we had extensively pre-briefed data protection authorities across the EU prior to the launch of our notification to users on 24 January 2012. At no stage did any EU regulator suggest that any sort of pause would be appropriate. Since we finished these extensive briefings, we have notified over 350 million Google account holders, as well as providing highly visible notices to all our non-authenticated users. In addition, the policy does not come into effect until 1 March 2012, as we wanted to leave more than adequate time for our users to be able to read and understand the policy before it's fully implemented.
We hope this overview of our updated privacy policy will help to address your concerns. We are happy to discuss this further with tne CNIL should they want to approach us for a meeting, or to answer anu written questions to Working Party may have."
(Source: Letter's Google 03-03-2012)
  • Letter's Google, February 3, 2012.
  • "Google Declines EU Request to Delay Privacy Policy Start Date", Bloomberg BNA - Electronic Commerce & Law Report, February 6, 2012 (sur abonnement)

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