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Cynthia Chassigneux

27 février 2014

MIT et OSTP: Atelier sur les Big Data

Le 3 mars prochain le White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) et le Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) organisent un atelier sur les enjeux des données massives (Big Data) sur la vie privée. 
Big Data Privacy: Advancing the State of the Art in Technology and Practice 
[...] This event is part of a series of workshops on big data and privacy organized by the MIT Big Data Initiative at CSAIL and the MIT Information Policy Project. This workshop is also the first in a series of events being held across the country in response to President Obama’s call for a review of privacy issues in the context of increased digital information and the computing power to process it.
The workshop will convene key stakeholders and thought leaders from across academia, government, industry, and civil society for a thoughtful dialogue on the future role of technology in protecting and managing privacy. We will concentrate on core technical challenges associated with big data applications and provide a theoretical grounding for privacy considerations in large-scale information systems. We will explore the state of the art in privacy-protecting technologies and discuss how they can be applied to a diversity of big data applications.
Topics will include:
- Big Data Opportunities and Risks 
- State of the Art of Privacy Protection 
- Review of Emerging Privacy Technologies 
- Industry, Government, Academic Roundtable 
(Source: MIT, "Big Data Privacy Workshop") 
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